Go Marauders! University of Mary Homecoming

Bismarck - It's a time to honor alumni and celebrate those experiencing college right now, and it's all at the University of Mary this week.

Happening now...Emily Medalen is live from the University to talk homecoming festivities.

Good morning Emily.

Good morning Alysia, homecoming is one of the most exciting times of year for college students,

And I got to spend the afternoon here at the University of Mary - let me tell you, I truly felt that homecoming energy.
Here's why this university is still riled up as homecoming week continues into the weekend.

"It's really a spirit of homecoming. We're welcoming the students, as well as the alumni home," said Sarah Eberle, Director of Student Life.
Students at the University of Mary are bleeding orange and blue this week.

"A wonderful group of students that are really passionate, and they have a lot for University of Mary. I've never been at a University that has so much love," said Eberle.

But undergraduates aren't the only ones bringing the school spirit to life.
Some of the 22,000 alumni of the school are right there with them.

"You come back, and you see this new facility, and you have nostalgia and all these memories..." said Jillian Lagasse, Director of Alumni Relations.

"To look back at where the University has been, look at years gone by... it's a little bit of a nostalgic time for everyone," said Dale Lennon, Athletic Director.
As the academic week of festivities comes to an end, the fun is just getting started.
The marauders are gearing up to cheer on their squad at tomorrow's homecoming football game.

"It's going to be a great day. We plan to paint the town orange and blue," said Lagasse.
"We're totally blue and orange - and that's just - just excitement, that energy - it's so thrilling," said Eberle.
They told me seeing students and alumni celebrating together has reminded them why this week is so remarkable.

"That's special. And I think that's why homecoming is always that unique week that exists within a university setting that always sets itself apart," said Lennon.
And it's not over just yet.

"We're really excited to end on a great note," said Eberle.

The football team plays University of Minnesota Crookston tomorrow.
There's tailgating at 10 tomorrow morning, followed by the game which starts at 1 in the afternoon.
KX has a booth at tailgating with hot chocolate and donut holes, so don't forget to come see us!

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