Gary Emineth announces run for U.S. Senate

Today another announcement was made for the US Senate race.

Our Malique Rankin spoke with both republican candidates for Senate about the new competition.

Gary Emineth unofficially announced his run for Senate tonight by sharing his news at republican district conventions.

He says he plans to make an "official" announcment sometime next week. Emineth was the ND GOP Chairman from 2007-10. He will be facing off against Tom Campbell for the republican seat... and told me why he thinks he's best suited for the job.

Gary Emineth: "Well President Donald Trump has a pretty aggressive agenda for America. Senator Heidi Heitkamp has not represented interest in North Dakota and supporting the president on issues that relate with tax, immigration, regulation reform. So, I felt I'd be one of the best candidates. When congressman Kevin Cramer didn't get in the race, I decided that- hey, I had just created an opportunity in my life where I had free time to do it and I said, you know, this is my time to do it."

Tom Campbell, who announced his bid for the seat has been campaigning since August.
He says he's been hard at work to get name recognition as he makes his way around the state.

Tom Campbell: "I hope Gary is ready for a fight because I like competition. I think I got a great head start. 7 months we spent a little under a million dollars. Gosh, and he's just starting. This is my 7th or 8th district convention and it's his first."

Delegates at the North Dakota Republican convention will decide between these two to see who will take on incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp. 

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