Freezing Temperatures are in the Forecast

We Should Have Already Had a Frost

Bismarck - Get ready to freeze.

Expect some of the coldest temperatures of the season tonight.
What does the freeze warning mean? And what it could mean for you?

Many are hoping that the Fall can stay around, but we all know the cold temperatures are coming, it's almost time for gloves.

Karen Stahl, Bismarck Resident, says, "I like the cooler temperatures cause I sleep better, but I don't like winter."

Luckily, the temperatures haven't dropped that cold yet.

"It's been late this year as we are heading onto October 4th and we haven't had a hard freeze," says Ken Simosko, National Weather Service. 

As the temperatures dip to near 28 degrees more freeze warnings will be issued.

Simosko says, "We've had patchy areas of frost, but the freezing temperatures, 32 degrees, dew points down to 32, we really haven't had that."

And sometimes with the freeze comes the frost.

Stahl says laughing, "Keep the frost far away okay."

We've only had patchy frost so far, nothing widespread. 

"The soil moisture has been fairly dry, so that would inhibit a lot of the frost," says Simosko.

The average first freeze is generally right around September 21st, but the frost generally comes before.

Simosko says,"If the dew point temperature or the air temperature were at 32 degrees or colder we no longer get water droplets we'll get ice crystals or snow flakes."

The low temperatures drop off quickly between now and the middle of October.

"The 15th of October is when we look for temperatures, averaged lows be 32 or less," says Simosko.

When those temperatures do hit hit freezing, it means it is the official end to the growing season and the plants will die off. 

Stahl adds, "So I cover them with some sheets, like the gardeners do."

Once your county has had a freeze warning no more will be issued.
Or -- October 15th, whichever comes first. 

The official end to growing season was September 21st.
But really, Simosko says it's after that first freeze.

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