Heavy Fog This Morning, Driving Tips

Published 10/26 2016 06:26PM

Updated 10/26 2016 10:40PM

It was a spooky site for much of the area last night including this morning. Fog reduced visibility for everyone's commute. Make sure to use your headlights when driving but some are better than others.
Fog is common this time of year. Basically, it's a cloud that touches the ground. 
Fog forms when a warm atmosphere is moving into the area with a colder ground level. As we are starting to see in North Dakota as weather gets cooler, but the next few days we will have a warm front come through.
The warmer and cooler temperatures will mix and will continue to see clouds form in the atmosphere. Water droplets will condense and create visibility problems within the area. 
Driving in the fog makes it difficult to see. But the big decision, what kind of lights should I use.
Jake Schneider from Honda says,"Don't use your high beams, use your fog lights, if you have them those are more difficult to see. You may see a little bit more from farther away, but you are not going to be able to see as far away as normal." 
When using your high beams, the light goes into the fog, but the water droplets inside the cloud reflect back to the driver. Putting on your high beams also impairs other drivers near you. 
Schneider adds, "They are certainly going to see you from farther away, but its defiantly going to make it harder for them and you to see. With those lights its going to be angled upwards more, so you're actually going to see a lot more fog." 
Daytime LED lights are very good to have in your car, they enable drivers to see a little bit farther. They help with visibility and brightness, including fog lights. 
"Illuminates the road a lot more, so you can see, not so much farther out, but makes it a little bit safer," says Schneider. 
Driving in the fog creates reduced visibility, it is important to use low beams and if you have them, take advantage of LED lights.
It is also important to be extra cautious, no texting and driving, slow down since its reduced visibility, and keep your hands on the wheel. 

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