Farm Rescue Hauls Hay to North Dakota Farmers and Ranchers

Bismarck - North Dakota farmers and ranchers were hit hard by widespread drought this year.

To help with the relief efforts, Farm Rescue has teamed up with volunteers from Minnesota to haul hay to those who need it most.

 With a honk, help came rolling in.

Farm Rescue received a grant to haul hay free of charge to North Dakota farmers and ranchers.

Those part of the farming community in Minnesota drove a convoy of trucks hauling 20 loads of hay to help out. 

"We're helping farm families that are in crisis and this is where they need help because if the farmer doesn't make it nobody makes it,"  Garry Deckert, Farm Rescue volunteer says.

Justin Beyer, a Minnesota native from a farm and ranch town, says when he saw what the drought was doing to North Dakota farmers and ranchers he had to do his part.

"We can do something with all the excess hay we have around Minnesota. I got in contact with Farm Rescue and they helped get everything rolling," Justin Beyer, Minnesota resident says.

And rolling in a big way, Beyer, along with Farm Rescue reached out to others willing to haul the hay from Minnesota to the North Dakotans who need it.

"A lot of my friends here that are helping out have animals or have been in farming most their lives so we get it that nobody likes buying hay," Beyer says.

For Beyer, it was an easy decision to make the drive for the farming community.

"We truck most of this stuff anyway so it was just something easy we could put together," Beyer says. "I just thought we could do a little something that would help out on our end." 

And with a hand from neighbors and our neighboring state, help for North Dakota farmers is a truck load away.

The 14 trucks were all driven by volunteers from Minnesota and North Dakota.

The donated hay will go to farmers and ranchers in the western part of the state including Beuhla, Elgin, and Golden Valley.

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