Fall Colors Brings Fall Photography

The Colors of Fall Through a Lense

Published 09/27 2016 06:08PM

Updated 09/27 2016 06:40PM

The Fall season officially started on September 22, making it a great time of the year for Fall photography. 
The trees change color as the weather changes. Bringing in, the bright fall colors and better lighting.
Jack Glasser, from  Glasser Photography says, "The light changes a little bit so fall makes it a great time to take photos because not only the fall foliage is changing, but the light is changing too."
No matter what time of day, the time is always right to get that perfect picture. 
Photographer Tom Chase adds that, "Some people like to go out early morning and get the dew on the leaves with the nice colors, which is always fun. Some people like to go in the evening with people or without people and you can get that nice glowey sunshine. I'm the middle of the day timer, where you can go in the middle of the day, when the sky is a deep blue." 
With natural lighting, and bright colors, it is easier to bring out nature with the help of specialized cameras.  
"I tend to go a little bit more natural this time of year. I use a circular polarizor just to bring out more of the deep blue in the sky it brings out more of those other colors in the clouds as well," Chase added.  
Photography is an art. And it can take a special eye. 
"Photography is half the equipment and half the artist, you have to have an artistic eye and know what to look for and know how to work with the light and the color and what to shoot to make a great photograph, " says Glasser.
But you don't have to use a professional camera, a camera phone will work just as well. Focus on pictures of what you love as there are always pictures to takes.
Tom says, the best place he likes to go, is down by the river to get a variety of the fall colors.

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