Elementary Students on their First Day of School

Bismarck - Emily Medalen is live after she spent the morning at one local elementary school that had some ecstatic young learners.

Emily, how were the kids you spoke with on their first day?

Tim and Alysia, these kids were some of the funniest, and most insightful little minds I've come across.

Here's what they had to say about day one back in the classroom.

"Talk to me about what you guys are feeling like on the first day!"

"Happy. Very happy. Happy and very excited," said Sophia Monroe and Stella Dowhy, 2nd Grade.

"It's gonna be a fun, fun year. We're going to roam around the school, learn our way to navigate around the school," said Anthony Fragada, 5th Grade.

"Kind of nervous," said Reese Dutchak, 2nd Grade.

"Like, we get to do fun stuff sometimes on the first day of school," said Emilie Zinke and Ella Watson, 2nd Grade.

"And we're in a new grade, in a higher grade."

As parents lined their kids up for the classic first day of school pictures and some last minute advice, excitement was in the air.

I spoke with some elementary students about what they hope for this year.

"We're excited to meet new friends," said Emilie Zinke and Ella Watson, 2nd Grade.

"Going in new classrooms with new people and new teachers," said Sophia Monroe and Stella Dowhy, 2nd Grade.

"We're just gonna do our best," said Anthony Fragada, 5th Grade.

Anthony is a 5th grader, and says he and his friends have an important duty as the upperclassmen in the school.

"We have to, sort of, set the tone for the school. We're the oldest and we have to set the examples," said Fragada.

Some second grade girls told me they're ready to start studying.

"We usually do more math in the higher grades," said Emilie Zinke and Ella Watson, 2nd Grade.

It was a bittersweet morning as families sent their kids on their way, another year older.

But, these eager students told me they have high hopes for what's ahead.

"It's just gonna be interesting to see our new teachers," said Anthony Fragada, 5th Grade.

"I'm kind of scared but mostly excited," said Emilie Zinke and Ella Watson, 2nd Grade.

"Same here."

"Its going to be very very awesome," said Sophia Monroe, Stella Dowhy, 2nd Grade.

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