DOT Budget Controversy

DOT Budget Controversy

A plan by the Department of Transportation to close eight maintenance shops across the state has caused controversy in some parts of the state.
One state senator says the proposal has been the hottest topic of the legislative session in his district.
(Sen. Larry Robinson (D) Valley City) "These folks are not asking for much. They are not asking for much. I can guarantee every one of you, if you lived in these areas, you wouldn't be voting for this proposal."
But others said the plan to shut maintenance shops in these locations makes economic sense - and was put forward by the DOT as a way to save about two million dollars.
The DOT argued that the shops are outdated and in need of upgrades.
And some senators argued the department recommendation should be followed.
(Sen. Gary Lee (R) Casselton) "Maybe the root cause is different than just the snowplowing. It's the loss of one more thing in these small communities - that's really what it's about. And I understand that. But we've asked these agencies to look at their budgets very carefully and come to us with a plan of reducing or using efficiency and technology to make the job better. This agency has done that."
The Senate agreed and kept the maintenance site closures in the budget.
The DOT's budget is over one billion dollars - but all the money comes from the federal government and from gas taxes and registration fees.

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