The Ideal Situation For Deer Hunting

Published 10/18 2016 05:46PM

Updated 10/18 2016 05:46PM

If you have a hunting tag this year, the chances of bagging a deer are looking pretty good. 
Now, it's all about the right weather conditions.
It is currently pheasant season and hunters are pretty pleased with the catch. Kevin Lockard from Running's Sporting Goods, says it's been a pretty good year, "Pheasant season has been strong. We got good, because of the last few winters we've had, good numbers that we've heard, both locally around here and in the western dominate parts of the state counts are up.
As the pheasant season keeps going through January. The deer season is opening soon.
And it comes just in time when farmers harvest their taller crops.
From the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, Casey Anderson, Casey Anderson says, "It looks like a lot of the row crops are starting to come off, corn and sunflowers, especially some of those taller crops, the deer are going to be more out in the open and more visible if those crops get off"
Cold and rainy conditions may make hunting miserable, while snow makes a better chance for the hunter to catch that deer. 
Kevin enjoys the cooler temperatures as he explains, "I want cool, snow love it. The snow is an advantage, Number one allows us to see where movement is, also allows us to see the animals better. you take the skin the hair color of the mule deer and the white tail. Put them into trees with no snow or anything, there's now way you'd even see half of the deer."
Last winter wasn't as brutally cold, but experts are saying this year might be and this will likely affect the deer population. 
Anderson adds, "If winter gets hard we'll get less deer on the landscape they'll be able to reproduce at a lower rate if we get a hard winter, but we get another easier winter like last year, then our production will be up again and we'll probably see another population increase like we did this year."
Game and fish created more tags this year as the number of deer are higher than previous years.
The start of the deer hunting season is November 4th at noon for guns and it lasts 16 days.

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