Creating an allergy-free Halloween

Halloween is a kid's favorite holiday...But food allergies might limit what your child can eat. So, the Teal Pumpkin Project was born.

It's not what you normally see handed out on Halloween.

Steph Orr shows off her bowl of toys, "Koosh ball things... and these little guys"

It's all a part of the Teal Pumpkin Project started by FARE - Food Allergy and Research Education. Last year, 18,000 households in all 50 states provided non-food treats to kids on Halloween.

"You know, even if they have a food allergy or even just for parents who don't want their kids to get a ton of candy every year. So they have a place to go to so they can participate and have fun like all the other kids," said Orr.

Steph and her husband Rick have two kids none of which have food allergies. But their friends do, and so they decided to participate this year.

Orr added, "We just thought we'd take the opportunity this year to show our support and kind of help out. Plus, then I don't have to buy as much candy."

It's really simple if you want to get involved in the Teal Pumpkin Project. The first two things you need are a pumpkin and some paint. Then set it outside on Halloween for people to see.

Michelle McKee's first time participating in the project was last year and had only one kid with allergies show up.

"They were driving around trying to find people with teal pumpkins because he had a severe peanut allergy and they know that he couldn't knock on most doors," said McKee.

She said that's what made it all worth it  and plans to keep doing it every year.

McKee says, "I encourage everybody to do it. It's so easy. I painted my teal pumpkin but they sell them now, ready to made at Michael's. So you can just pop on it, and you're ready to go."

There's an interactive map on FARE's website for you to see the houses and sign yourself up if you want to participate. You can find it at

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