Congressman Cramer meets with President Trump

Republicans are hoping to pick up a seat in the Senate right here in North Dakota. 

Congressman Kevin Cramer says he is considering running against Democratic Incumbent Heidi Heitkamp.

And today, the Congressman and his family met with the President to talk about that possibility. 

D.C. Correspondent Alexandra Limon spoke with the Congressman about the meeting and about why he hasn't made up his mind. 

"I've not made that decision. Today was an important step in that obviously," Cramer said. 

Congressman Cramer said he and his family met with the President at teh White House Tuesday to talk about whether he would run against incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp. 

"He said he would be behind me 100%, even said 1,000% at one point. Yeah, they'd campaign for me whenever I need it, the Vice President said the same thing," Cramer added. 

Congressman Cramer believes he ahs a real shot at flipping the Senate seat from Democrat to Republican. 

Cramer says he believes the data out of North Dakota shows he would do well in a race against Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, but he says he understands polls don't tell the full story and it would be a heated race. 

He's concerned about how the race will impact his family and there are other factors. 

"It is not without risk, I am North Dakota's only member of the House of Representatives, I'm in my third term, I've earned some status on the most important committee for North Dakota in Congress, the energy and commerce committee," he said. 

After getting the President's support, the final decision is a personal one. 

"Now we'll get together and spend more time praying about it, talking about it. Trying to discern what's best for our country, best for our state, and most importantly what's best for our family. 

Republican State Senator Tom Campbell already announced he's running for that seat. 


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