Community brought together though Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is a holiday for family and friends to come together. But for those who found themselves alone, Ministry on the Margins had it covered.

"It's been a blessing to just see the community come together and help some of those that are in need," said Bismarck resident John Skinner.

Anyone was welcome to come to the free Thanksgiving meal- and many took advantage of it. Volunteers prepared 15 turkeys, 150 lbs of potatoes, 120 pounds of corn and much more to feed 350 people.

"When we went online with the volunteer registration sign up, we had 80 slots. We were filled within 24 hours," said Sister Kathleen Atkinson. 

This is the second year Ministry on the Margins and First Presbyterian Church hosted the community Thanksgiving. It's something Sister Kathleen had no hesitation starting up. 

Sister Kathleen added, "I'm a deep Bismarcker, and I love us. So, we even welcome in people that's maybe their first year here in Bismarck."

Like John Skinner. he's from Kansas City. 

He said, "I'm a long ways from home, so you know, I need my Thanksgiving meal."

Skinner sat at a table full of total strangers, but they were all brought together this Thanksgiving afternoon. It's what the holiday season is all about - and that message ran deep.

Chelsea Payne: "Knowing that we can all come around and just be with each other and get to know each other and just give thanks to everyone," said Bismarck resident Chelsea Payne.

Skinner added, "To be giving. Be thankful for what you got, thankful for the whole year and what God has blessed you with."

And no one seemed to be complaining about the food either.

John Skinner: "I hope they have seconds," said Skinner. 

Sister Kathleen hopes to keep the community thanksgiving tradition alive for many years to come. 

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