Coll FBall: Playing time not guaranteed even for captains at DSU

DSU Captain Hayden Gibson is back on the field. He played eight games last year before an injury ended his season. Eventhough Hayden is a leader on the field, that's doesn't guarantee playing time.

When redshirt sophomore Hayden Gibson got to start under center for DSU last year, he knew he was entering a different world from BHS.

Hayden Gibson, "Going to my high school, we were a lot of pro style offense, and coming here, we're a lot of spread. So I mean as a quarterback it's your dream offense. The speed of the game definitely does change, though. It's a big adjustment."

And Gibson was handling that adjustment up until he suffered a torn shoulder labrum. He healed up by spring and is feeling good now, but he knows that even now, no spots are guaranteed.

"It's fall camp, everyone's competing for a job. Coaches remind us every day that we're not guaranteed a one, we're not guaranteed a two. We have to come out and compete every day."

And for the team in general, last year's opening round playoff loss serves as even more motivation.

"Obviously, you don't want to end on a loss," Gibson said. "We're competitors, we want to win every single game."

And even though fall camp doesn't offer players many assurances, Gibson says there is one thing about this team people can come to expect each week.

"We're going to come compete," Gibson said. "You know, last year was last year. That doesn't mean anything for this year. We're not guaranteed a conference championship. We're not guaranteed a win all year. But we're going to come out and play with some effort."

Gibson played in eight games last season. He completed 61 percent of his passes and threw for over 800 yards.


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