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Caution: Anhydrous tanks on N.D. highways

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is urging motorists to exercise patience and extreme caution when passing trucks and trailers transporting Anhydrous Ammonia.

In a post on its Facebook page, the patrol notes those hauling the fertilizer aren't allowed by law to exceed 25 mph. Doing so can subject them to a $250 fine.

As a result, anhydrous trucks and trailers will be moving slowly on high speed roadways, and motorists need to be vigilant as they drive at speeds up to nearly three times faster than the anhydrous vehicles.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol warning was prompted by an accident near RIchardton Wednesday where a passenger vehicle passed a pickup pulling anhydrous nurse tanks going uphill and then pulled back into the lane too quickly.

This forced  the truck to leave the roadway and the tanks disconnected, rolling into the ditch.

The highway patrol notes, fortunately, the tanks didn't rupture and no one was injured.

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