Car Seats and Winter Coats Can Make for a Dangerous Situation

Bismarck - Your child's winter coats can be hazardous in the winter months.
And the experts want to remind you to NOT put your child in his or her car seat with a winter coat on.
Puffy coats add an extra gap between the baby and the harness, making the car seat ineffective.
Dawn Mayer, with the Department of Health -- says to put the harness on as normal... and then wrap the baby in a blanket... this allows the harness to be tightened properly. 

Dawn Mayer, Department of Health, says, "We don't want big puffy jackets or blankets between baby and the harness because that is going to give you a loose harness. So in a crash, baby could be ejected or could move enough that baby could sustain head injuries."

Mayer says there can be a full fist between the harness and the baby if there is a winter coat on and the harness that isn't tight enough.

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