Breast Cancer Survivors Gather Strength Through Each Other

Bismarck - The American Cancer Society found 1 in 8  women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

But after the diagnosis and treatments are over survivors say what's left is how far they've come.

Donning pink and filling tables all of the women at the Revive Breast Cancer Survivors Retreat have a story to tell.

Dolly's began more than 30 years ago.

"My first breast cancer [diagnosis] I was 22 years old," Dolly Gugel, breast cancer survivor says.

She didn't know it  then but cancer would visit her two more time.

"It was devastating; I was single but life keeps going and you're faith keeps you going,"  Gugel says.

And going on meant going through her personal journey with breast cancer.

A journey LaVonne Hultin  knows all too well.

"I never had the thought that, 'oh dear, this is not good' and I'm going to die so it was just a constant looking forward," LaVonne Hultin, breat cancer survivor says.

And the next step would include surgery and chemotherapy.

Along the way, she started reaching out to others who were fighting.

"It's been a journey, it's been very educational. I enjoy trying to help other people understand and help whenever I can," Hultin says.

In 2017 alone, more than 300,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed.

"Cancer affects so much, it's not just the physical effects that you get from the cancer treatment but it's the emotional effects and how do you live with this life altering disease," Shelby Terstriep, medical director Sanford Cancer Survivorship says.

And it's the support from other survivors that Dolly says is what keeps her strong.

"I think faith, believing in yourself, and just keep going just keep going," Gugel says.

Keeping on and standing together in a fight against cancer.

It was the third annual Revive Breast Cancer Survivor's Retreat and for many survivors what's next is the Edith Sanford Run/Walk for Breast Cancer. 

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