Bismarck Mandan Animal Impound

When your pets are lost and animal control picks them up, they go to the Bismarck-Mandan Police department impound.

t's the police department's job to provide an impound for animals.

Lt. Jeff Solemsaas; Bismarck PD: "The impound is there because we have to take care of these animals that are running around. They're loose, we can't locate the owners. We have to take responsibility for them, or else they'd be running at large throughout the town. A shelter will then try and step in and try to adopt them."

By law, Bismarck and Mandan PD are required to keep animals here for five days to give owners a chance to claim them. After that, they're kept here as long as possible to be adopted or rescued.

Thanks to relationships with local organizations like Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue, stray pets that aren't claimed can find new homes.

Tiffany Hardy; FFRR Volunteer: "Currently we have about 15 dogs and puppies available for adoption, or some available for adoption soon and then we have about 60-70 cats available in our organization right now. And obviously we don't have enough volunteers for that at all times."

The PD says that it's because of those organizations that animals' lives, like these, are saved.

Lt. Jeff Solemsaas; Bismarck PD: "We would probably end up euthanizing a significant number more."

Tiffany Hardy; FFRR Volunteer: "We exist because we have to exist. There are so many cats and dogs that need help within North Dakota.Obviously with winter coming up..."
Working together helps keep dogs and cats off the street and into the arms of waiting owners.

The city of Bismarck recently created an Animal Advisory Board to promote collaboration between the police and organizations relating to dogs and cats. It's purpose is to educate the community on ordinances and advise and report it's recommendations to animal control.

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