Bismarck Little Free Pantries are Feeding the Hungry Across the City

Bismarck - Food pantries around Bismarck are now just a walk away.

Bismarck Little Free Pantries are springing up around the city to help fight hunger.

Little Free Pantries are located in six different areas all around Bismarck.

The Unitarian Universalist Church joins other organizations like the United Way and Pioneer Elementary School to give access to food to people in need no matter where they live.

"There are a lot of people in our community who do not have food," Aruna Seth, Bis-Man Unitarian Universalist Church says.

And the pantries are set up around town to feed those who may not be able to access food assistance any other way.

"[Those] who cannot travel by car, who don't have the transportation means," Seth says.

The pantries are for the hungry whose only option to get to food might be on foot.

That's where the Little Free Pantry can help.

"Those who are low-income spend a lot of time just reaching basic services and this is a way to make some of those services a little bit more accessible," Karen Van Fossan, Minister Bis-Man Unitarian Universalist Church says.

In 2015, more than 42 million people lived with food insecurity.

In a report by the USDA on household food security in 2015, 12.7 percent of American households lacked access to enough food during some time in 2015.

You can donate to any of the six locations in Bismarck including Shepherd of the Valley, Pioneer Elementary School, Youthworks, Missouri Slope Areawide United Way, Unitarian Universalist Church and S&S Roadrunner Sales.

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