Bighorn sheep, elk & moose hunting applications available

Hunting license applications are available for elk, moose, and bighorn sheep.

This year a record number of licenses are available for elk and moose. 

A total of 408 elk licenses are available to hunters this fall. That's up 19 from last year and the most since 2011. 

A record 334 moose licenses are available in 2018, an increase of 89 from last year and 203 more than 2015. Most of the increase is due to an increasing moose population in these units. 

A bighorn sheep hunting season is tentatively scheduled to open in 2018, depending on the population. The status of the bighorn sheep season will be determined September 1st after the summer population surveys are complete.

Elk, moose and bighorn sheep lottery licenses are issued as once-in-a-lifetime in North Dakota. Hunters who have received a license through the lottery in the past are not eligible to apply for that species again. 

The deadline to apply is March 28th. 

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