Baby Boot Camp for Moms & Moms to Be

Bismarck - It's Wellness Wednesday, and today, we're talking boot camps...

But these boot camps aren't for just anybody.
In fact, no men are allowed.

Happening now - Emily Medalen is live with more.
Good morning Emily.

Good morning Tim and Amber - that's right.
No men are allowed at the boot camp we're talking about today, because it's one that's specially designed for women who have given birth, or are about to.
Here's more about baby boot camp at Family Wellness.

"Down, front raise, really keep your stomach tight..."

One fitness instructor in Mandan recently made an exciting announcement.

"Well, I am officially 18 weeks pregnant. So it is very exciting for me to be teaching a group of people who have either gone through the experience, or are right there with me," said Jenna Bernhardt, Healthy Living Director.

Bernhardt is the Healthy Living Director at the Wellness Center, and is now teaching "baby boot camp" with a goal to keep women active, even with a baby on board.

"I feel like once people become pregnant, they can kind of use it as a reason to relax a little bit more and take it easy. But now is the time they should be exercising and strengthening their muscles, and increasing their flexibility and endurance," said Bernhardt.

The class isn't just for pregnant women, it's also open to those who have given birth in the past few years.
The stretching, cardio, and strength training exercises are geared towards bodies that are adapting to pregnancy.

"Believe it or not, exercising can decrease nausea and fatigue. I found that even walking for 30 minutes, or even going for a stroller or a bike ride, really does decrease nausea," said Bernhardt.

The American Pregnancy Association says that low impact exercise can be highly beneficial for women who are pregnant, or have recently been.

"Exercising during pregnancy actually can make your pregnancy easier. It increases your circulation, it decreases some back pain, it can help prevent gestational diabetes, and overall just keep you healthy throughout your pregnancy," said Bernhardt.

Bernhardt says she can't wait to stay in shape with a boot camp that will benefit more than just her personal health.

"I'm excited too because this is new for me! Just being around other people who are pregnant or have gone through the experience.. it is a bonding experience," said Bernhardt.

Yesterday was the day Jenna made her pregnancy public, so it was a pretty special day for her to teach the class.

Baby boot camp is held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12;15 to 1:15, and anyone who is pre or post pregnancy is encouraged to join.
To learn more or sign up, visit

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