Ayla Huck Starts Kindergarten

Bismarck - After a big countdown, every school in the state is officially back in session.

Private schools were the last to begin classes last week, and

Happening now...Emily Medalen is live at St. Mary's, where she actually spent the morning with my daughter Ayla and I.

Good morning, Emily.

Good morning guys, Alysia, I must say, I was very impressed with how brave Ayla was on her first day of kindergarten...

Here's what she told me just minutes before starting school for the first time. 

"It's my very first day of school," said Ayla Huck, Kindergarten. 

"Yesterday, she informed me that she was actually not so nervous anymore, that she's more excited," said Alysia Huck, Mom.

...the words every parent wants to hear as they send their little ones off to their first year of school.

"I was just ready to go," said Ayla.

Ayla told me she was excited for 2 things - to make friends, and get creative.

"I really like art and I really like coloring."

"I'm looking forward to her to growing even more socially, academically obviously, she's so excited to learn to read and write," said Alysia. 

Over the past week, many parents of kindergartners have said their main worry their child being scared without them.

The Huck's have a special way to take care of that.

"So, this is my penny, and it's really cool," said Ayla. 

"Whenever she's feeling nervous, or misses us, she just takes the penny and rubs it," said Alysia.

"My dad will have a penny, and my mom has a penny, and I have a penny," said Ayla.

"If I get like, scared or anything, then I'll just rub the penny, and then I remember us."

As the two said their goodbyes, Ayla's eagerness showed that they might not need to use it as often as they thought.

"It's bittersweet, but not as hard on me as I thought it might be, no tears. So, you know, all her excitement has rubbed off on me I think," said Alysia.

"I'm just really excited for everything," said Ayla.

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