1st Annual Mother-Son Dance is a 'Knight' to Remember

"If daughters and dads can do it, why can't moms and sons?" says Caden from Bismarck who came with his mom and brother Parker.

With swords and knives, suits and ties, about 30 sons and 30 moms put on their best and show off their medieval costumes for "A Knight to Remember."

"A dragon. A helmet. A sword," says Trip, 4, who came to the dance with his mother Whitey Thompson.
The organizer said it was time to give mothers some time with their sons with the municipal country club a great back drop.

"Lots of renaissance costume going on and it's just for moms and sons to build good relationships together doing fun things. The guys get to take their moms on a date," says Tara Brooke of the Diocese of Bismarck.

It's the first year for the event and sons of all ages were there to spend time with their mothers and their fellow knights.

"Danced to music and some of us dressed up and we did lots of fun stuff," says Parker, 6, of Bismarck.

"Anytime you put a little helmet, armor or a sword in a little boys hands they get pretty excited," says Whitney Johnson, Trip's mother.
"So many activities revolve around fathers and their sons or moms and daughters and when you have families that don't have that mix of kids, it's just a really nice opportunity to spend time with them," says Caden's mother.

And some of the kids say it was all worth it. For them, definitely a 'Knight' to remember..

"So far it's the best day... of the month for me," says 10-year-old Caden and Parker's mother.


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