1,000 People Give Back for Day of Caring

Bismarck - When people help out it is amazing what can get done in a matter of a day.
This year nearly 1,000 students at the University of Mary went to help out all across the area. 

Molly Presler, Freshman at University of Mary, says, "It was a student started thing, the students went up to the president, this was a thing they wanted to do and he was like yes, so they did it!"

Presler is spending nearly all day at a local church. 

"We've been packing these boxes. They do a food pantry here, so we've been in the back, packing food into boxes," says Presler. 

Other students all over the University of Mary are mucking stalls, painting, and doing various chores all for the day of caring.

Anna Mechaley, Freshman at University of Mary, says,"Which is great, it really gives us an opportunity to definitely be servant leaders. I feel like because it takes a certain kind of person to scoop poop in the morning, in the wind."

They are also helping Alison Smith at the Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue.

Smith also has cats and other students are giving their home a new fresh look.  

Alison Smith, Co-Founder of Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue, says, "Our winter habitat for our cats, a lot of the Texas cats we took from the Hurricane, will be going in there, we just have some painting and things we need to finish up there."

Groups of students set out to pluck weeds, but for Wickman she does a different project every year. This time it was about giving back and to the animals as well. 

Keegan Wickman, Senior at University at Mary says, "When you think about how much they give to us, but until you come and you can do the things you can do for them you can see how grateful they are."

Serving others is sometimes what it is all about. 

Smith says, "They're making us and some other animals very happy today."

Presler and other students are asking to come back again and help out whenever they can.

"It's kind of like a kick off for the whole year, which is cool," says Presler. 
University of Mary spread out to around 50 different spots to give back.

And this is kicking off a part of University of Mary's Homecoming week.

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