Someone You Should Know: Turning Bibs Into a Memory Quilt

For Chelce Detert, a custom quilter who founded Creative Dimensions by Chelce Detert, a blanket is never just a blanket.

"I have a special place in my heart—I've lost a lot of people in my life, and I look at it as, this is an opportunity for them to cling onto this loved one," she says.

Using her massive long-arm quilting machine, Chelce stitches together blankets of all types—from decorative pieces to the perfect snuggling quilt. "It really is still art. It's a lot of fun -- it's not just grandma's little tiny pieces!"

One of her specialties is the making of memory quilts: blankets made of clothing or fabric whose threads carry the memories of lost loved ones.

"When they bring their stuff to me, I'm honored that they trust me with it," Detert says. "I can piece together their project. I can pray over their project, little do they know!"

That's just what she's doing with this blanket—an extra-special one, if you ask me. It's made with 35 triangle-shaped bibs, all once worn by a young lady named Natalie Olson.

Natalie, my niece, was born in 2006. And because she had cerebral palsy, her wardrobe was never complete without a bib.

Fortunately, her auntie, Carolyn Moore, was handy with a sewing machine. Carolyn made dozens of bibs for Natalie—vibrant, colorful, and fun, just like the girl who wore them.

Natalie Olson passed away in January—far sooner than any of us was ready for. But in her ten years on earth, she gave her family the gift of memories. That's why her aunt Carolyn teamed up with Chelce Detert on another gift.

"The goal here is to make a quilt that people can snuggle up with," explains Detert. "That siblings, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles can sit down and remember this beautiful young lady that touched their lives."

Natalie's bibs were transformed into a memory quilt—and when that quilt was given to her parents on Christmas Eve, it was almost like she never left.

"It's to remind you of Natalie," says three-year-old Felicity Moore.

Losing a loved one is never easy. That's why a memory quilt—the ability to literally wrap yourself up in precious memories—is so special.

"It's really about healing," says Detert.

That's why Chelce Detert is someone you should know.

Detert is set to expand her quilting operations.

In February, her business, Creative Dimensions by Chelce Detert, will move to a new location in Minot—where you'll be able to attend quilting classes and host events.

Creative Dimensions will be located at 405 16th St. NW in Minot. Click here to visit Chelce's Facebook page.

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