Heidi Werosta

Heidi was born and raised in New Jersey. She is a 2016 graduate from Rutgers University in New Brunswick with a Bachelor's in meteorology and a minor in geography. While at Rutgers, she participated in WeatherWatchers, and this is where she made her weather debut doing weekly forecasts that were shown all across the campus. 

 Heidi grew up always wanting to be a meteorologist. I get asked the question all the time: When asked what inspired you to become a meteorologist, Heidi replies “I never really had a major snowstorm or a major event that I have lived through that decided that. I have always wanted to be a meteorologist as long as I can remember and it never changed, despite how challenging the schooling was. I can say, I have lived through many nor'easter's that the Northeast gets, including Superstorm Sandy back in 2012. Having lived through this, it did hit hard because the Jersey Shore is where I spend my summers and having to hear all the beaches destroyed in the aftermath really hits hard because you know what the physical impact actually is. This I can say encouraged me to be a meteorologist even more.”

 Heidi’s hobbies include, hanging out with friends and seeing what North Dakota has to offer, including Theodore Roosevelt National Park. She also enjoys cooking .  The one thing that Heidi is looking forward to trying is cross country skiing.  

Click here to contact Heidi:  hwerosta@kxnet.com


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